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The "Family of Man" series The "Cluster" series The "Spirit Cloud" series
I. The Fifth Prophet I. Perturbations of the Reality Field I. The Strange Reincarnation of Lucinda Tarne
II. Time Travelers are Schizophrenic II. A Trojan Horse Inside a Paper Moon II. Wonderball Apocalypse
III. Weeds of Eden III. The Breeze, the Walker, and the Treeborn  
IV. Singularities of the Soul of Stephen Xi IV. Tales From the Edge of Existence (in progress)  
V. Schroedinger's Chesire Cats Poetry Recently released!!!
  Technopoetical Musings from the Metaverse Refuge for the Khymera

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Cover of RFTK

Refuge for the Khymera

    This is a first contact story, a tale of imagination versus reality. Martin Godfrey is a science fiction writer, familiar with those figments of the imagination, born outside the quarantine of everyday consciousness, called chimera. He has given them refuge in his novels. How can it hurt? He has let them wander through his daydreams. But chimera seldom come alone. They are difficult to control or contain. They can change your life if you are not careful.

When Martin returns from a science fiction convention with a real alien Khymera hiding in his car, reality strikes with a vengeance. He gives her refuge in his home, while trying to continue his daily routines and seeking his own refuge in the creation of a new novel. There is romance caught up in the butterfly effect of events racing toward an apocalypse. There are lies, deceptions, and misconceptions that have consequences. Available on the web at Amazon

Cover of TMFTM

Backcover of TMFTM

Technopoetical Musings from the Metaverse

    These musings come from a metaverse much older than that now associated with virtual reality. You can not travel there with headsets. You must use your imagination and your intellect. It is the unseen realm that lies outside the physical universe. It is heaven or hell, thought itself, the collective unconscious, and the mind of God. If you read my words and ponder my poems, they will take you outside the regular "verse" and into this metaverse. Available on the web at Amazon

Cover of TBTWATT

The Breeze, the Walker, and the Treeborn

    Each individual travels through life pushed or pulled by forces beyond their understanding: destiny, free will, emotion, reason, chance. The Breeze, the Walker, and the Treeborn are three sentient creatures out of the thousands of billions trapped inside the Cluster.

    Tweechytweechy Kok, the mysterian, is a Breeze searching for a lost starcruiser named the Profit.

    Xiaolooria, the songpoet, is a Walker chasing after her lover Banjanaree, who was conscripted by the Imperial Navy.

    Lathampo Digger, the fugitive, is a Treeborn seeking safety and freedom from the Emperor and a devil Wildthing.

    Their individual journeys take them many lightyears from their homes. They cross paths at the Edge of Existence on the planet Withcity-witchity. Their brief meeting sends each of them, unaware of any purpose greater than personal desire, following a fleeing star. At their unexpected destination they meet again and a new reality is revealed. Available on the web at Amazon

Cover of Wonderball Apocalypse

Wonderball Apocalypse

    An accidental breakthrough in artificial intelligence, followed by an unheeded warning, leads to the Wonderball Apocalypse, flooding the world with reincarnated souls trapped inside the crystal balls of the next generation personal home assistants.

The borders are opened. The crack in the wall between the physical universe and the spiritual universe widens. Through the chaos, the catalyst of this chain reaction returns inside his own prison, and is swept up on a global journey, meeting others attempting to adjust their old beliefs to deal with this new mystery. He is determined to rescue his original creation, his Eve, and be her Adam in this new world. Available on the web at Amazon

Cover Of The Strange Reincarnation Of Lucinda Tarne

The Strange Reincarnation Of Lucinda Tarne

    Gerry was lonely, although he would never admit it. Maybe his destiny was to remain apart, a singularity. But Gerry was not one to accept fate. He was determined to explore the mysteries of the human soul. Like all other first year college students.

Having outgrown his high school fascination with battlebots, he rescues an arcade fortune telling machine and converts it into the foundation for an artificial intelligence that can read tarot cards and win money playing a new computer game.

Gerry does not intend to find the Singularity, nor to become the Victor Frankenstein of robotics, but his work in embodied cognition takes an unexpected turn. Available on the web at Amazon

Cover of A Trojan Horse Inside A Paper Moon

A Trojan Horse Inside A Paper Moon

    An army gathers on an old farm, like the Greeks on the plains of Troy. They are not there to bring Helen home. A god has built a prison out of ten thousand stars, and for the crime of believing that they could travel faster-than-light, their world has become the newest prisoner in this Cluster.

The Empire of the Breeze is the prison gang that offered protection from the other inmates. Rather than remain under that protection, the army intends to challenge the god that imprisoned them.

That god lives in the city of the collective unconscious, along with angels and devils, myths and monsters, thoughts and dreams. Souls reside there too, growing ever more complex while their bodies walk the dusty plains outside the city.

Death is a wall around that city, but there may be another way in. One that has a way out as well. The army is building a secret weapon, the forbidden supra-luminal ship, to sail from the physical to the spiritual universe through the Reality Field. Available on the web at Amazon

Cover of Perturbations Of The Reality Field

Perturbations Of The Reality Field

   Thou shalt not go supraluminal. When the spiritual and the physical universes collide, a cosmic mystery places humanity into a stellar prison where the inmates are dangerously nearby. Will mankind succumb to the same distractions as their alien predecessors; the struggle for survival, the quest for power, the fanaticism of faith, the random ravages of nature? A telepathic border collie gathers a young cab driver, a teenage physics prodigy, and a washed up diplomat into a cell in the Resistance. Why were they chosen? What can they do? Will humanity be destroyed by barbarians or absorbed by an alien Empire?

Before you dismiss the possibility of a few individuals changing the cosmos, recall the Butterfly Effect. Beware. Metaphysical science fiction may be an anti-scientific sin. You might be punished for exploring. The mathematical formula for your soul might be corrupted so you can no longer compute the ordinary. Certainly, we are the observers, God’s eyes, perturbing the reality field by our very existence. Available on the web at Amazon

Cover of Schroedinger's Cheshire Cats

Schroedinger's Cheshire Cats

    This is a multi-layered, techno-poetic, story of mankind and reality. The well known Schroedinger’s Cat thought experiment considers the quantum nature of reality. The wave function exists inside the box and then collapses when the box is opened and its interior is observed. BUT, there is no consideration for the cat! What does the cat choose to do inside the box? On one level this is an adventure story. On a second level, the Summoner, searching for the formula for the soul, is science itself. Wrapped around it all, the author summons his characters to populate his new creation. Will you recognize all the symbolism? Even Heisenberg was uncertain what he observed.

The Summoner, an alien god seeking the formula for the soul, imprisons six representatives of humanity within a thought experiment. Omniscient enough to observe the history of our universe up to the Horizon of Now, but unable to see inside the mysteries of free will, he watches these humans struggle to understand their new reality. The captives must fight for survival like a herd of Schroedinger’s cats battling alien monsters, political revolution, plague, and war. They wander like rats in a maze as the Summoner studies their thoughts while he compares and contrasts all aspects of their human civilization. If his experiment is successful he will use his data to create a new Eden populated with his stolen souls. Full of philosophy and physics, the story falls between science fiction and science fantasy. Available on the web at Amazon

Cover of Singularities Of The Soul Of Stephen Xi

Singularities of the Soul of Stephen Xi

   The lie was his original sin and it split his soul, forcing its fragments to wander through a maze of ever more dangerous choices in the galactic Empire of the Foreverones.  Escape from certain death as alien pirates tear the heart out of humanity’s fragile interplanetary civilization leaves him one of a handful of human refugees on the embattled Airclimber planet of Chillip.  The lowliest of the low in a hierarchy of sentient species, he secures work cleaning slime from the walls of the prison pools where the Airclimbers keep the captured Bubloo.  But safety is not his destiny.  Plagued by increasingly debilitating visions and dreams, he is dragged by an Airclimber prison guard into a web of gambling and prophecy at the deadly battles in the coliseum.  A powerful Foreverone ensnares him in a smuggling operation to ransom Bubloo prisoners.  And then the captured Bubloo force him to aid them in a daring mass escape.  It leaves him captured, tortured, and alone until nirvana, reunion, and a sacrificial act of trans-universal espionage bring him salvation. Available on the web at Amazon

Cover of Weeds Of Eden

Weeds Of Eden

   Evolution slithers like a snake through the Gardens of Eden, urging life along by random changes to what becomes the past, but it needs accomplices among its victims.  Those individuals touched by its fangs can fail to act and thus die away, or they can respond to the choices presented to them and struggle for their personal survival, thereby ensuring a newer and a better species.

   In this fragment of the multiverse, mankind flees the Fishmen and escapes unprepared into the midst of the powerful galactic Empire of the Foreverones.  A poet and her daughter live as immigrants in the slums of an Imperial Jerusalem and tell their stories in the Plaza of Once Upon A Time.  A warrior imprisoned on an alien spaceship converses with a philosopher crab between battles in gladiatorial arenas.  A physicist marooned on the sandy dunes of a desert planet leads a group of children in search of heaven.  Their struggle for survival after being tossed onto barren ground, leads to their observation of the quantum states of man causing a butterfly effect that takes humanity to the next level. Available on the web at Amazon

Cover of Time Travelers Are Schizophrenic

Time Travelers Are Schizophrenic

   In a universe nine generations removed from the world of the Fifth Prophet and the founding of the Family of Man, a Martian genealogist develops a series of ancestral portrait simulations.  Although he is obsessed with the past, the ever changing future intrudes on his simple artistic life and brings him an epic poetess to love, a mystic quest to follow, a cosmic battle to fight to the death, and salvation.  Uniquely qualified by a mental mutation, he stands as Janus, a bridge between the past and the future of mankind. As he hunts for answers to unexplained temporal anomalies, he is pursued through this imaginative cosmology of static universes and infinite possibilities by an alien devil. Available on the web at Amazon



Cover of The Fifth Prophet

The Fifth Prophet

   Would you be willing to give up all aspects of your public religion for peace on Earth?

   Is God dead, and man abandoned to his own fate, or is help coming?

   How much longer will the universe leave us on our own?

   Do you care what modern mathematics and physics are doing to your everyday reality?

   Can the human genome be reprogrammed like your laptop computer?

   This is the story of God returning to earth and choosing a scientist as his next prophet.  As at any time in the history of the world, everyday events and global chaos intermingle.  Why now?  Is God angry enough to bring fire, and nuclear destruction?  Is God choosing new believers and giving them a technological rainbow? The Family of Man survives and prospers through war, pestilence, personal dangers, and the Second Dark Ages.  Will they succeed and go to the stars, or will the world turn on them? Much of the ‘action’ is intellectual, mathematical, religious, genetic, political, astronomical, but some people will die bloody deaths.  Begin with the first Theorem of the New Deists: Religion is fundamentally evil, and God does not approve of it.  Follow the Fifth Prophet and his Family of Man as they attempt to build a new Eden on Earth. Available on the web at Amazon

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